Smaller weddings are not only less stressful to organise, they are centred around what is truly important – the bride and groom and of course their closest family and friends. This new approach to weddings in 2020/21 is trending with couples taking their perfect day and completely customising it to reflect them as husband and wife.


Why bigger isn’t always better

With a smaller number of guests, ceremony and reception options become much bigger. Budgets per head increase and so do the venue choices available. Smaller weddings can be personalised down to the finest detail and it gives couples the perfect opportunity to get creative with planning a wedding completely unique to them.

Make it personal: send handwritten invitations with a personal note to each of your guests.


Finding a venue of dreams

There are more options to go smaller than bigger when it comes to venues.

Using your home, the one you grew up in a family members home to host your perfect day will really give your wedding the personal touch. Whether it be a grand under-used dining room or the garden, the options to transfer a home in to a spectacular wedding venue are plentiful. The cost saving will mean you can splurge on incredible décor without having to scrimp on those small but impactful finishing touches!

You could also think about hiring a smaller space in a big venue, get creative and browse boutique hotels or take a look at the unique stays section on airbbnb.

Get creative: with less guests, you don’t have to opt for the traditional seating plan or ceremony style. Have your guests seated around you rather than behind you as the tie the knot.

garden wedding 2021


Focus on the food

Say goodbye to uninspired wedding food that plays it safe for larger numbers. If you appreciate flavour and creativity, why not use your additional budget to create a taste sensation your guests will remember? This is where a couple can really have fun designing and experimenting with different food and wine pairings, revisiting special meals they have had as a couple or recreating meals abroad. Less people will also mean more time to serve more courses, so you can really wow your guests by taking them on a culinary journey.

You could take the foodie inspired wedding up a notch by holding a post-wedding boozy brunch the next day to continue the celebrations, with guest-themed cocktails served alongside your brunch favourites.

Make it personal: design or hand-write your menus for each guest with a little memoir about why you chose each dish. 

wedding food 2021

Make your guests feel like the VIPs they are

An intimate wedding is so special because you get to spend more time with the people who truly matter to you and although they will already feel very special by being there, try these ideas:

  • ◘ Gather photos you’ve had taken with your guests and add them to a wall of memories that you can decorate with beautiful flowers and fairy lights. It will be the perfect place to take more photos during the reception and beats the overdone photobooth!
  • ◘ Hand-make and customise your wedding favours to each individual guest, gifting them something you know they’ll love and treasure.
  • ◘ Ask each guest to tell you their all-time favourite (feel good) song and surprise them with a live band to cover each song.


Get creative: the possibilities to personalise your intimate wedding are endless. Think outside of the box and try to personalise as much as you can.

bespoke wedding favours

Chilli Bees have been catering big and small weddings for over 12 years, providing the highest level of customer service and inspired food, tailored to each and every couple. Our passion is to deliver your dream day with a real emphasis on flavour so please get in touch to start planning your intimate 2021 wedding.

Inspired Ideas for Intimate Weddings