The 23rd December, when we can be reunited with loved ones, is fast approaching. And for many of us it’ll be the first time hosting for more than a handful of people. If the thought of three other households in your dining room is slightly intimidating, here are some ideas to keep stress levels low!

Get organised and communicate

Who will you be hosting over the five days? Don’t leave it until the last minute to decide as you don’t want any awkward conversations about bubbles and tiers!

Start a Whatsapp or Facebook group and make sure you know if there are any special dietary requirements, one of the family may have decided to go vegan or sober in 2020 – stranger things have happened this year!

Plan your meals

Once you know who is coming and when, you can start planning all of the delicious food you can prepare. Think about how you can make it easier on yourself, you can pre-make canapes or order some in ahead of your family arriving. If you don’t mind being in the kitchen in the run-up to the big day but would like to have an easier Christmas Day, you can order our Christmas in a Box, which has all of the trimmings prepared and ready to be heated.

Don’t do it all yourself. In your Whatsapp or Facebook group ask each household to come with a dish each to lessen the burden on you!

What better way to use the extra time we have during lockdown than to start prepping for the Christmas holiday? If you love preparing homemade delicious foods for your family, but hate rushing, take this opportunity to experiment with different ingredients that will really wow.


Dust off the board games and make sure you put some time aside to have some fun with your family. It’s been a long, stressful year so quality time is even more important than ever.

Organise a themed evening or try a DIY cocktail making kit to make this Christmas a little more special.

If buying presents for family members from three different households seems overwhelming, suggest organising a Secret Santa or just buy one gift for the whole household – something they can share.


Boring practicalities

Keep windows open in the house to improve ventilation and ensure you have enough hand soap stocked up in the bathrooms!

A stress-free Christmas