Dear Sir / Madam,

In response to the current situation of the coronavirus originating from China, please find our company statement below:

Food Safety

Chilli Bees Catering will continue to monitor the situation and follow the guidance and advice of the UK Foods Standards Agency or other government body responsible. As this is an emerging concern, it will be closely monitored, and any advice provided will be responded to.


Supply Chain

We are in continuing contact with our suppliers to establish if there are any supply challenges and asking each supplier to confirm if they have any manufacturing or warehouse interruptions. All have confirmed at present that they are not currently experiencing any disruption, and so far there is nothing to suggest this will change in the short term, however they will continue to keep us updated as this situation may change.

Company position

As a diligent supplier and manufacturer, we recognise the potential effect of a viral outbreak and its potential to restrict people from continuing with their day to day lives. We have:

• Provided further personal hygiene advice and increased notices throughout the business

• Increased the number of hand sanitizing points throughout the company and our transport teams

• Communicated very clearly to our staff the current situation and enforced our return to work policy with clear guidance on any foreign countries visited

• Clearly outlined the symptoms of the coronavirus and actions to take should anyone experience them

• Provided advice to all visitors to site, including delivery drivers and their requirements whilst on site

• Responded to and are following the advice issued by Public Health England and the W.H.O.

Coronavirus Statement