What better way to use the extra time we have during lockdown than to start prepping for the Christmas holiday? If you love preparing homemade delicious foods for your family, but hate rushing, take this opportunity to experiment with different ingredients that will really wow.

Mulled Wine with a twist

It’s not officially Christmas until you have your first Mulled Wine. Fill your house with beautiful aromas from the cinnamon, star anise, cloves and orange. If you want to shake things up a bit – which let’s face it, after lockdown, we’ll all want to, add a shot of sloe gin or amaretto! Pre-make the mulled wine and keep refrigerated for up to 4 days or freeze and thaw very slowly in the fridge.

Christmas with a twist: Bucks Fizz is so 2019! Why not serve Sloe Gin Royals instead on Christmas Day?

mulled wine at christmas

Christmas Chutney with a twist

Nothing says Christmas like a cheese board and every cheese board needs a good chutney. Fig chutney is a winner with most people and is super easy to make. To give it a Christmassy twist, include some truffle, adding more depth of flavour and elevating any cheese board.

Christmas with a twist: Batch make your chutney which can be beautifully wrapped and gifted.


Christmas Canapes with a twist

A Christmas Soiree needs a Christmas Canape that wows. Serve Artichoke and Parmesan ‘Cigars’ for a delicious alternative or alongside classic smoked salmon blinis. Prepare the Artichoke and Parmesan (or any filling of your choice) – wrap in filo pastry and freeze until they’re ready to be heated.


Christmas Stuffing with a twist

The stuffing is an underrated part of Christmas Day lunch and can be overlooked, but a good stuffing can transform the meal! Instead of using plain breadcrumbs opt for a luxury bread alternative. Rosemary focaccia or garlic ciabatta works beautifully. Take your time to make your stuffing in November for a stress-free Christmas day.

Christmas with a twist: Use leftover stuffing to create crunchy croquettes for your Boxing Day party -delicious!

Christmas Pudding with a twist

The traditional Christmas Pudding is possibly the most time-consuming thing to make for Christmas Day so having the time to start preparing this dish is a godsend! If you’re feeling particularly ambitious with your additional time, you could make individual puddings to please all of your guests! Boozy, chocolatey, fruity…something for everyone!

Christmas with a twist at The Pantry

If your idea of a twist is to sit back and let someone else take care of the Christmas entertaining, The Pantry has you covered. From cheese boards, DIY cocktail kits to all of the Christmas trimmings prepped and ready to go – take a look here.

Five Christmas recipes with a twist