With so many Weddings and Parties being postponed to next year, and with more time on our hands, we spoke to Zanna, Marble Private’s senior event producer about her ‘top tips’ to give your celebration that “WOW’ factor….

Table plan
Herb Garden

Marble Private’s Top Tips to give your wedding that ‘WOW’ factor!

1: Original forms of transport

Think out of the box. Whether it’s a scooter, tandom, motor bike, tractor or even by foot, these are memorable moments to get you and/or your guests from A to B that screams uniqueness while making for a fantastic photo opportunity.


2: Creatures great and small

Involve the whole family, whether this be farmyard animal adorned with flower crowns in the field next to your reception or involving family pets in some way. We had one bride with 4 much loved pooches walk up the aisle alongside her young pageboys and bridesmaids, complete with a flower collar.


3: The devil is in the detail

The small or unexpected differences are what sets your wedding apart from any other. Catering – tick; Flowers – tick; Hook-a-duck table plan…. tick?! Sit down together and work out what your favourite things in life are and how these can be transposed into your wedding. Whether you go for the bigger differences, such as a secret after party, daytime fireworks or dance floor balloon drops, or focus on the finer details such as an interactive table plan, your partner’s name embroidered into your dress, or dressing up station, you only need a few of these differences threaded through the day or weekend to make a wedding that can only belong to the two of you and gives it that all round WOW factor.


4: Food with thought

Food is an instant crowd pleaser and an easy way to make a memorable day. Personalise the menu and take inspiration from your favourite holiday or where you met/ got engaged. Great ways to bring this to life are interactive food stations during your reception or wedding breakfast; Guinness with oyster shucking, jamon carving or a DIY gravlax station. Chilli Bees can facilitate all of this and much much more. They are a Marble must!


5: Sense and sensibility

Tune into every sense, not just sight. Think about what your guests are smelling when you pick out your flowers. Adorn your church and venue/tent with earthy lavender and rosemary or fresh smelling sweet peas and gardenias and let their fragrance wash over guests as they’re hit with not only good looking, but great smelling flowers. Think about this element when it comes to taste and sound, from the moment you walk down the aisle through to the final farewell.


6: Personalised place settings

Make each guest’s place setting more memorable with personalised name places. Steer away from the traditional folded card /name on a menu and add in something more tangible. Better yet, double it up with your wedding favour. Choosing something that’s personal to you both will make your day that much more memorable to your guests. We’ve used slate table mats, sun glasses and bottles on lemoncello or olive oil in the past.


7: Transition lighting

Lighting is one of the most effective ways to decorate a space. It’s also the easiest and most undisruptive thing to edit during your day. Let the lighting take you and your guests on a  journey by gradually changing it through the night. Not only can you create beautiful results, you can also control the atmosphere and general mood of the guests. Great when you want them to get up and on the dance floor.


All images from Marble Private – check them out!