Our client packed up and went on a Safari to the picturesque Richmond Park!

Safari Picnic

It is officially Picnic Weather and what better place to host one then the Stunning Sheen Gate area in the Whimsical Richmond Park, we used the park to create a Magical Safari theme for our client, read on to find out how it all panned out…

Guests were welcomed on a scorching hot afternoon into an Elegant Savanna setting. Cushions, patterned rugs, rattan coffee tables and vintage style suitcases lay amongst the wildlife to create the theme. Guests lounged in the long grass on their London Style Safari with Wild Deer roaming and Beautiful Birds soaring through the sky. Everyone definitely dressed to impress wearing floaty summer dresses paired with fedora hats… very Summer London Chic.

The buffet style menu was presented in pretty picnic baskets bursting with fruity and fresh flavours with our Posh Coronation Chicken and Summer Garden Salmon with fresh Rosemary, Basil, Mint, Thyme, Coriander and Parsley with a Lemon dressing. The two main dishes were perfectly paired with three different salads; Spring Salad with refreshing Asparagus and Petite Poi’s, Tomato and Mozzarella Salad and Zesty Potato Salad. Guests of course indulged with a sweet treat to enjoy after, opting for Summer Berry Pavlova. The Party carried on well into the afternoon with plenty of Gorgeous Gin and Tonics and our House Rose to go around.

Our lovely client’s feedback included;

“A truly unique and special experience and we even had the deer!”
“Everyone was totally blown away with, the organisation, amazing props, the location setup, incredible food and perfect service!”

So, have we inspired you for your next Picnic in the Park? How about a Vintage Picnic or a Mediterranean Feast? Get in touch to book your next Picnic with us…?