Whether you love working from home or you’re missing the normality of going in to the office and seeing your colleagues, we’re all going to miss the work Christmas party this year.

It’s more important during the winter months that we stay connected with our co-workers and it’s all about finding new ways to socialise during the party season.

Virtual Christmas Awards

Set a dress code, clock off a bit earlier to get spruced up, pour yourself something boozy and settle in for a virtual employee award party. Give everyone a background to upload on to their Zoom, invite people to present different awards and include music to set the vibe. This is a lovely opportunity to say thank you to employees for a particularly tough year. Don’t forget to include some spoof awards, like, best makeshift haircut, or funniest Zoom moment.

To really say thank you to employees, send a bespoke hamper for the night or a DIY cocktail kit.


Do a charity walk

Encourage your employees to get out and enjoy some crisp winter air by holding a charity walk wherever they maybe. Set the number of miles everyone needs to walk over the course of a week and create a Whatsapp or FitBit group so everyone can share their progress and send snaps of themselves on their walks. This will help with mental health, fitness and make everyone feel a lot closer even if they’re not together.

Send a hamper

It’s important that even though you’ll be saving budget on your Christmas Party that you still give back to your staff to say thank you for all of their hard work in 2020. Send each member of staff a personalised hamper that they can enjoy at home during lockdown.


Even Escape Rooms have gone virtual! This is a great team building activity that can now be done from the comfort of your own home with lockdown-themed scenarios. Get in to teams and make it competitive by awarding gifts to the winners like the opportunity to start work later or finish earlier.

DIY Zoom Party

So lockdown 1.0 was all about the Zoom Pub Quiz, but this time we need to shake things up a bit. Why not hold a Christmas Card, Wreath, Advent Calendar or Christmas Tree decoration making class. Send the list of materials needed in advance and why not surprise your team by sending them a DIY cocktail kit to kick the Zoom Party off? Prizes for the most imaginative piece designed!


If you would like to say thank you to your staff this Christmas and would like to send them something special, we can help you create custom-made hampers of party kits this Christmas – get in touch. 

Staying connected with colleagues this winter