With Summer approaching the seasonal food trends are upon us and are looking amazing!



The Return of Mexican Food

Mexican food is making a comeback just in time for Summer 2018! With multiple guacamole and tequila bars opening up in London, the City definitely still has Mexican fever. However, this Summer there is a bit of a twist with the traditional Mexican cuisine going meat free! So why not try our vegetarian three bean taco bites.


Family Sharing Style Dishes

Forget fine dining this summer and opt for more relaxed and informal al fresco dining. Platters of Spanish Tapas or Italian Antipasti are back in and are a much more social and versatile way of sharing food with friends and family.


The Hype of Hawaiian “Poke” Bowls

Aloha! If you’ve been up to date in the food world, you may have caught wind of the new craze that is Poke bowls. Originally from Hawaii Poke bowls are basically cubed raw fish incorporated with quinoa, sushi rice or zucchini noodles. If you are looking for a vibrant and healthy food station or bowl food for your next summer party why not try these delicious dishes.