Ah wine bars, do you remember those? 

With restrictions on drinking establishments and the ambiguous ‘substantial meal’ debate boring all of us, why not transform your home into your favourite cosy little wine bar?

Turn the lights down low

To achieve ultimate cosy, romantic wine bar vibes, it’s all about the lighting! Without causing too much of a fire hazard, light up all of the candles you can find – including any festive scented wax melts and switch off any ceiling lights to really set the tone for the evening.  As it’s that time of year, fairy lights are a must. If they’re not all being used on your tree, drape some around windows and bays and watch your home transform into a twinkly wine and cheese sanctuary!


Set the ambience

London open fires aren’t a thing so instead get YouTube on the big screen and search for ‘cosy open fire’ or any scene (snowy mountains or starry night) that will achieve the maximum cosyness. It really does make a difference to the ambience of the room. Next is music! This is supposed to be a cosy night in, so refrain from the classic 80s disco! Try searching for ambient music on Spotify or if you want to keep it festive, search for Christmas Jazz. 


The perfect cheese selection 

Now for the best bit. It’s a good idea to pick 3-4 different cheeses, more if you’re a larger household or just a real cheese lover. Try selecting a few different types in terms of strength and texture. Support your local cheese makers by shopping small or order one of our beautiful cheese boxes, including classic English cheeses and delicious accompanying nibbles. 


The perfect wine pairing 

Recreating your favourite wine bar isn’t complete without the wine!  Pick a few different wine pairings to go with your cheese, don’t worry about open bottles going to waste, it’s Christmas after all so they’ll be plenty of occasions to finish them off over the festive period. 


The Perfect Cheese & Wine Night In