Environment Policy


At Chilli Bees we are always striving to make that little bit of a difference in how we run our business and produce events, always looking for new ways to have a positive impact on our planet.


Recycle Throughout our working week at our offices and on events we recycle as much waste as possible, while also looking constantly at new ways to cut down on our waste.


In the kitchens our chefs use every last bit of ingredients, whether re-purposing ‘end’ products for staff food or re-imagining elements into our “no waste” dishes.


Be Seasonal We love the Seasons and encourage seasonal menus to be chosen by our clients for all our events. Not only does the produce taste better but it helps support local and British farmers and reduces the carbon footprint of the ingredients. Working with our fruit and vegetable company County Supplieswe take  on surplus supplies which we include in our weekly contract catering menus, not only helping farmers but also reducing the waste.


Other suppliers include HG Walter James Knight of Mayfair Leathams, Town and Country Fine Foods, KFF.


Waste All our waste oil and grease waste traps is collected by Proper Oils, where they recycle the oil into green biodiesel. We avoid using any single waste plastic, and constantly re-use and re-purpose plastic containers that come as part of deliveries.


Emissions Carbon emissions are having a huge impact on our environment, and as as a company we strive to reduce at every possible corner. From looking at where our food suppliers are coming from, always aiming to support local businesses with low carbon footprint, to our own deliveries for events and staff transport.


Our vans are ULEZ friendly, and we will soon own our own electric van. We aim for staff to work on events near where to they work also reducing their footprint.


The Future Our 3 main goals moving forward to tackle sustainability issues are the following:


  • Continuing to look for new ways to make changes that will continue to help make a positive impact on our environment.
  • Boycotting unethical and unsustainable companies in our supply chain.
  • Seeking ways in which in 3 years’ time we can be closer to carbon neutral, with more green energy powering our everyday activities.


January 2023


Environmental Policy